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The Common Grant Application is designed as a labor-saving device for organizations seeking grants from multiple foundations located in Santa Barbara County, and was developed by The Foundation Roundtable, a local regional association of grantmakers. The purpose of The Foundation Roundtable is to advance and support philanthropy. This common application format is one way of addressing our mission. The Foundation Roundtable Common Grant Application form is also available on the Santa Barbara Foundationwww.sbfoundation.org/frt 

James S. Bower Foundation

La Centra-Sumerlin Foundation 
The McCune Foundation 
Ridley-Tree Foundation
The Santa YnezValley Foundation
St. Francis Foundation of Santa Barbara

Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation

Ann Jackson Family Foundation

The Towbes Foundation 

Chumash Foundation
Crawford Idema Family Foundation

Fund for Santa Barbara

The document has been formatted so that information can be inputted directly. Once downloaded, please save this document to your computer so that you will not lose your information. Please do not use commas to separate thousands when entering numerical data. Once you have completed the grant application, you can either email it directly to the organization or print out and send it through the mail. 

The Foundation Roundtable of Santa Barbara County 

2019 Common Grant Application 

Participating Funders List

The following foundations accept The Foundation Roundtable Common Grant Application:


Each participating foundation has individual instructions to customize the application as necessary, 
i.e., to communicate deadlines, list any additional requirements (query letter, number of copies, supplementary
attachments, etc.) or identify pages that are not required.